Welcome to the website of the District Bar Council of Katowice.


The District Bar Council of Katowice:

  • represents one of the three largest advocate communities in Poland;

  • organizes traineeship for trainee-advocates and prepares them for advocate exams;

  • participates in the development of the law;

  • provides access to legal aid (as stipulated by the Polish law);

  • is engaged in international legal cooperation;

  • has among its members numerous advocates rendering legal services in foreign languages.


Advocates have practiced law in Poland since at least XVIth century, and have remained the only legal profession providing legal assistance until the second half of the XXth century. Advocates possess unlimited legal power to represent all kinds of Clients in all sorts of legal matters. They provide legal advice, draft legal opinions, represent Clients in courts and before all other authorities, as well as towards private individuals and corporations. They help Polish citizens and foreigners.


Our location at the very heart of the Silesian metropolis, in the southern part of Poland, creates good opportunities for international cooperation. The well-developed infrastructure makes it easy to get to Silesia from important Polish and foreign cities by motorways, rail and air. Therefore, we are open to various transnational initiatives involving foreign lawyers and their associations, from the neighboring countries in particular.

Poland becomes more and more popular target destination for foreigners coming for study, work, business or family. Our Bar guarantees them access to professional legal assistance. You can make contact with advocates from our Bar either directly, or by contacting the Bar Council of Katowice.